Ann's Satin Sheets Buying Tips

Ann's Satin Sheets Buying Guide


  • What is the best price to pay for satin sheets?  Quality satin sheets are going to run you $120 to $300 for a full king-size set (bottom fitted sheet, top flat, and 2 pillowcases).  Yes, very expensive.  This is one area where you really get what you pay for.  Higher prices mean not only better quality material, but also finer stitching of seams, etc.
  • Bargains are really only available when someone is closing out a pattern or color.  Sometimes a company will offer an annual sale where they sell their canceled orders, but selection is very limited.
  • Anything less than $120, particularly for a full set (top and bottom sheets plus pillowcases), is going to be a cheap department store quality.  Most likely it will be a knit material, even if not described that way.

Other information:

  • Most reputable satin sheet stores do not stock pre-made sheets - they keep the bolts of material and make sets when orders arrive.  This means it may take 1 to 4 weeks between you placing an order and it actually shipping.  Be wary of ready-to-ship stores, they are quite possibly offering knit instead of woven fabrics.
  • Satin sheets are available in any size, and of course you can get satin waterbed sheets.
  • Because real satin is expensive, many stores sell top and fitted sheets separately.  Be careful to order full sets (fitted, flat, plus pillow-cases).  I recommend buying at least 2 sets of the same color so you always have a matched set, even if you damage part of one.  Since my husband and I have 4 pillows on our bed, we bought lots of extra pillowcases.
  • Take care to look for deep pocket cut fitted sheets if you have a pillow-top bed; woven satin doesn't stretch much and nothing is worse than a sheet that keeps pulling off the bed!