Info about satin sheet colors, seams, and prices

More Satin Sheet Information

  • Silk and satin sheets are available in any size a normal sheet would be - If you have a king-size bed, be sure to order the right king "size": California or Eastern.
    Because woven satin materials are typically only available in 45 inch widths, anything wider than a twin sheet (why would you buy satin twin sheets?) will have a seam.  Most companies make this seam right down the middle.  A few companies make two seams, so that there is a nice, wide center panel, and the two seams are off to the sides.  There are pros and cons to each approach.  
    I prefer one seam down the middle, as my husband and I may spend some time in the middle of the bed, but when we fall asleep on our own sides, neither of us is sleeping on a seam.  
    The alternate view is that if you sleep together toward the middle of the bed, or you usually sleep alone, having the smooth center panel is very nice.
  • Be careful of companies that offer seamless satin sheets - they may be offering a knit instead of a woven surface.  There are some looms overseas that weave wide panels of satin, but they are rare.  Email your questions first.

  • I love the richness of color that satin offers.  Deep, blues, solid blacks, and bright reds are my favorites.  Unfortunately, they also show stains (wink!).  Personally, I have champagne color sheets with a choice of two different satin bedspreads: a lighter one that is blue for summer, and a heavier dark burgundy one for winter.  I have about 5 sets of the champagne sheets since they go with everything.
  • You can also get prints (better for satin comforters than for the sheets in my opinion) and patterns.  Patterns can be very nice, as the fabric can be woven to mix shiny and dull surfaces to create beautiful designs that hide marks and stains very well.