My personal recommendations on Satin Sheets


The name's Ann.  Satin Ann.

At least that's what my husband calls me.  I love satin.  Satin sheets, satin nighties, satin party dresses, I even have 2 pairs of satin shoes (Both are from weddings where I was a bridesmaid).   Good high-quality satin sheets are like nothing else against bare skin.  Sometimes it is a bit cold when you first crawl under the sheets, but they warm up quickly, yet they don't get too hot in the summer.

I looked around for a long time for online information about satin sheets sets  but really didn't find any.  I also found it very hard to find reputable online stores to buy premium quality stain and silk sheets - just a lot of places that sold cheap knit acetate stuff that isn't soft at all.  BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU BUY!  I have found a few online stores, but have not actually ordered anything online myself.  I got all my sheets, pillowcases, and comforters as bridal gifts, wedding gifts, and last year, a new satin bedspread as an anniversary gift.   I will probably have to take the plunge and buy something online in the next year or so though.

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